Diverbike Sea Scooter Made in Germany Diverbike sea scooter and pool scooter manufacturer © AKJK Yachtliftcenter GbR All Rights Reserved 2011 DIVERBIKE.COM Reserve your own custom built Diverbike Thank you for your interest in our diverbike watercraft. We are currently selling custom-built versions of our four diverbike watercraft's. The Diverbike  X4 is the shark style version that comes standard with four 350 W (1400 W) motors. Unfortunately, we do not have any pre-built inventory for immediate sale. Price for a custom built Diverbike is dependent on the number chosen options, pricing tends to range from 4,999.00 EUR for a standard  model  to upwards of 14,700.00 EUR for a high-performance, heavily customized version. The starting price for an X4 model is 8,000.00 EUR, but comes standard with more features and more horsepower. We have an extensive list of available options, but any specially requested options can also be considered. Build time is typically about 45 days. AKJK Yachtliftcenter is currently expanding production to meet increased demand, but each vessel will still be hand built for each customer. We ask prospective customers to submit a preliminary reserve.  Once this has been received, we provide a  purchase order number and can work out the desired specifications, and establish an estimated price and construction time for the specified vessel. Customers with registered order numbers are also invited to visit our facility in Fockendorf, Germany to see our operation and our watercraft first hand.  Once the customer proceeds with their order, a deposit of 50% is requested once their order number comes up, and then we will commence construction.  The final Stage payment (remaining 50%) is due upon completion of the Diverbike and must be made prior to shipping. Please find attached the Purchase Deposit Agreement, specification sheet, and available options lists. For interested individuals in having a Diverbike custom built, we do highly recommend that you request a purchase order number, so that we are able to accommodate your order as soon as possible. RESERVE AN ORDER NUMBER HERE